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Mike Reyes | taliesin~AT~onr~DOT~com
I had a close friend in a band called DV8 another band in the great punk scene in the early eighties. He induded me to some great bands such as Dead Kennedys, Violent Femmes, Gang of Four, black flag But I always was most empressed by the effigies. One of the originals ahead of there time.
Saturday February 8 1997 17:31:00

Steve Chalifoux | SChalifoux~AT~Intersat~DOT~com
Thank's for having me
Friday February 7 1997 13:15:00

Jon Rose | rose~AT~blue~DOT~weeg~DOT~uiowa~DOT~edu
Good to see a page from one of the greatest Chicago bands. It was great to see them last winter at Lounge Ax, and to see all the old cats out again. I live in Iowa and am looking for the V.M.Live 7" of the show. Has anyone seen it around? I have looked for it in Chicago and can't find it. I teach at the University of Iowa and every semester I play Body Bag for my students at the beginning of class. I get a kick out of their reactions cheers, Jon Rose
Tuesday February 4 1997 16:27:00

Scott Culbreth | scc7857~AT~garnet~DOT~acns~DOT~fsu~DOT~edu
Hello, I can remember the first time I listened to the "We're DaMachine" vinyl. What an intense record. I'm trying to find some of the older Effigies and Naked Raygun recordings on C.D. Can anyone out there help me?
Sunday February 2 1997 20:22:00

Joe Haggerty
Thought I'd check out the page. I think it's great that people are still interested in where Chicago punk rock originated. Playing with the Effigies was an experience I'll never forget. Thanks, Joey
Sunday February 2 1997 18:57:00

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