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Stuart | stuart~DOT~ure~AT~gmail~DOT~com |
Would LOVE to see you tour through Canada - especially Vancouver. Last time I had the privilege of seeing you play live was back in the 80's in Detroit at Todd's & a few times prior at Paychecks in Hamtramck.

The last album was kick ass! More please!!
Wednesday January 28 2009 15:46:09 - Vancouver, Canada

Jim | jimsgasgas~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I have an original "Remains Non Viewable" 7" 45 single. In Mint Condition. GOOD STUFF
Monday October 20 2008 15:41:46 - Colorado

scott | downnin~AT~comcast~DOT~net
I saw you guys at Maxwell's N.J. on July 26th what a great show it's good to see a punk band from the 80's performing today Thank You
Friday August 15 2008 14:32:45 - Lanoka Harbor N.J.

David Castenson | castenson~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
We played a party with you guys in Sycamore in 1980. We were called the Droogs at the time, and later Tools of Romance. I loved you guys even though you probably hated our band. I tried to get WDEK to play your songs when they were playing our stuff, but they thought you were too hard-core. Same problem when I would try to talk club owners into booking you along with us.
We drove up to a bar across the border in Wisconsin (Clearwater?) to see you open for the Stranglers in 1980. I remember they crowd was there mostly to drink, but you guys were great. Our drummer and my wife had to take off their leather jackets, or they were going to get thrown out. Not much of a punk venue.

Anyway, it's been 28 years since I saw you guys. You were a bunch of college kids back then. Now you are old and bald like me, but so are the Gang of Four and they still kick everyone's ass live. I live just outside DC, so I might come see you at the Black Cat next week.
Wednesday July 16 2008 07:37:46 - Reston, VA - one time DeKalb

Love, Chicago e-zine staff | editorial~AT~lovechicago~DOT~org |
Looking forward to seeing you at Reggie's on the 26th. Come by our merch booth to pick up some loot. Viva Chicago Punk!
Thursday April 3 2008 10:39:24 - Chicago

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