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terry schiavo | braindead~AT~msn~DOT~com
i have some exciting news to announce: i am currently putting a tour together with the effigies and the dead kennedy's--ALL original members. the tour will be a musical debate with both bands on stage at the same time, seperated by a barbed-wire fence. the dead kennedy's will represent the west-coast liberal san francisco gay marriage ideology while the effiges will take the midwest 'these-colors-don't-run', lawyerly conservative view point. the entire debate will consist of both bands taking turns playing a song. for example: the effigies might open with HAUNTED TOWN and DK could counter with TERMIANAL PREPPIE! then kedzie could rip into STRONGBOX while jello could counter with
MOON OVER MARIN. at the end of the three hour show, audience applause can decide the debate winner! SEE U AT MEDUSA'S!
Saturday March 19 2005 13:13:52 - hospital bed

  There will be a tour of all sweaty smelly social misfits sitting in their parent's basements wasting their lives posting to bulletin boards, trolling in chat rooms, and wanking off to pictures of Divine and J Lo. Details forthcoming. Only clever misfits will be represented.

Tony | usmc4402~AT~aol~DOT~com
When are you going to play Okinawa?
Tuesday March 15 2005 02:48:04 - The Rock

todd humphries | toddhumphries~AT~yahoo~DOT~com | call me for m2m!
are these gits the groomsmen in charles and camillas wedding?
Wednesday March 9 2005 17:20:09 - mercer island, washington

Ray Zorhed | skindroid~AT~netzero~DOT~net
Old-School Rools!
It would rock if all the o-skl cats would all start up thier bands again(the worthy ones,only).A chance to see the ones I missed play with the ones I didn't! Back in the day I saw bands like: #1! Cro-Mags, Sheer Terror, Slapshot, , Sick Of It All, Doomwatch, AF(nach), Go, Low Meato, Stand Proud, Suicidal Tendencies and so on..Now for the ones I'd like to see: the 4-Skins, State of Alert(Rollins), Negative Approach, (Oi!band) Red London, Seige, Minor Threat, Youth of Today, Black Flag and finally last but not by far least: the Tom Robinson Band and Eddie & the Hot Rods, Oh yeah and Angry Red Planet too.
welCome Back O-Skoollllllll!
Thursday March 3 2005 05:47:12 - South Bend

arnie | arn~AT~lusterking~DOT~com
when is the next gig in town?
Tuesday March 1 2005 07:33:41 - chi town

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